Unit B6. The Gratitude Sessions

This is more a series of sessions than a course. The sessions will all have available focus but are not sequential. During these eight weeks, we shall be exploring the Gratitude and Metta Bhavana practices. The foundation being meditation practices.

The Gratitude Sessions - 8. Wisdom

Wisdom is insight that aligns with our reality in an intuitive way. Imparting wisdom is more about asking the right questions than providing the right answers. Today I shall ask you all some questions.

Gratitude Sessions - 7. Impermanence & Suffering

Happiness is freedom from suffering.Releasing the implicit belief that everything changes is a liberating experience and once we have processed all of this and released our expectations that nothing will ever change the result is liberating.

Gratitude Sessions - 6. Happiness and Fulfilment

Mindfulness meditation and gratitude practices bring happiness. This experience is universal among long-term meditators. In this class, I will do my best to unravel the processes that bring this all about and teach some practices that work in this area.