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The subscription and sign in process is intuitive for regular internet users so you can just dive in and Click the Subscribe button below.

If you're non-techie, or having problems, it is more useful to open this page on a different device and follow the instructions below.

I also explain everything about our subscriptions on this page.

  • Membership Options
  • How to Subscribe
  • Payment
  • Signing In
  • Staying Signed In
  • About This Site's Authentication and Session Management (For Geeks)

Membership Options

There are two Membership options on this site.

  • Free Site Membership
  • Monthly Paid Membership

Free Site Membership gives you access to the exclusive Site Membership content and you are updated with emails from the site for new public content.

Monthly Paid Membership gives you access to all the site membership content plus access to all the course content on the site.

This site uses Passwordless Authentication (Magic Links) to protect your privacy and security and to save you from Password Fatigue...

To subscribe and sign, in follow the instructions in These Fonts...

Instructions in bold.

Information in bold and italic.

The subscription and sign in process is intuitive for regular internet users so you could just dive in.

If you're a technophobe, or just having problems, it is more useful to open this page on a different device and follow the instructions.

How to Subscribe

Click on the floating green 'Subscribe' button at the bottom of your web page. (See below).

You will see two options, Free and Monthly.

Select your preferred option, enter your name and email address and click the 'Continue' button.

About Payment

If you choose the Monthly Paid subscription, you will be taken to our payment partner's website (Stripe - Just like Paypal, but easier to use) to set up your subscription.

After subscribing, a Magic Link will be sent to the email address you used to subscribe.

The Magic Link email will look something like this depending on which site you are on.

Click the 'Activate My Account button.

Visit your inbox.

  • If you can't find a Magic Link email, search for the site name. E.g. On The Meditation Course Website search your emails for 'Meditation Course'.
  • If you still can't find it, check your spam folder.
  • If you still, still can't find it, contact me.

When you open the Magic Link email, click on the 'Activate my account' button.

You will then be taken to the Welcome Page as a signed in user. The small green button at the bottom of the web page shows that you are signed in on this browser.

Signing In

If you either sign out or visit the site on a different browser or device, you may not be signed in and you may see the green 'Subscribe' button again.

To sign in, click the 'Subscribe' button then click the 'Already a member? Sign in' text at the bottom of the page.

Enter your email, and click 'Continue'.

The site will send a Magic Link to your email address.

Visit your inbox, find the NEW Magic Link email that the site has sent you.

Make sure that it is a NEW Magic Link email and not an old one, or the site will tell you that your link has expired.

Click on the Sign In button.

You will be taken back to the site.

You are then signed in on that browser for six months and you will not need to sign in again so long as you visit the site within that six months, at which point, the six-month clock will begin again.

About staying signed in

*Note: although the anonymous session cookie lasts for six months to keep you signed in, you may have to sign in again if...

  • You sign out.
  • Your browser is set to clear your cache and cookies on a schedule.
  • You clear your browser cache and cookies manually.
Happy Password-Free and Login-Free browsing!


To unsubscribe from either your regular payments, or the newsletter, click on the green membership button at the bottom of the site.

You will be taken to the screen where you can change all of your membership options.

With Passwordless Authentication and Anonymous Session Cookies...

All my sites now use anonymous session cookies and Magic Links to keep you logged in for up to 6 months on each web browser securely and privately while you continue to maintain your subscription.

My sites do not use tracking cookies which is why there is no cookie banner. A cookie banner is an annoying pop-up that appears on almost all websites because they take and pass on your site visit to Facebook and Google!

I do store the name and email address that you give me, which is essential to deliver an online course. But you can use any name you wish and all will be fine.

Your identity isn't tracked by Google or Facebook when you log in with tracking cookies or so-called social login!

Here are some links to Passwordless Authentication.

Microsoft >>


My Privacy Policy

My privacy policy covers my responsibilities to you and your data. The link to the privacy policy is at the bottom of each webpage on my sites.