Loving Awareness is living with a sense of connection to nature and to others. We can all experience this through meditation.

Meditation is our path to reconnecting to nature and with others.

The sections on this page explain everything you need to know about The Loving Awareness Meditation Course.

  • Section 1 - Course Overview
  • Section 2 - About the training content - what you get access to instantly when you subscribe
  • Section 3 - The Short Courses
  • Section 4 - The Course Units and Articles
  • Section 5 - The 2021 Syllabus

Section 1. Course Overview

What you get for a paid subscription to The Loving Awareness Course for the price of a weekly Starbucks latte and blueberry muffin - £19 per month.

I have two online courses, both centred on live-streamed meditation classes on YouTube and Podbean. The Loving Awareness Course and The Meditation Course.

By subscribing to The Loving Awareness Course you get free membership of The Meditation Course.

All classes run live on YouTube and are posted in the course websites.

The content is separated into training units. Each unit has a different topic so you can work through the ones you are interested in.

Section 2. About the training content - what you get access to instantly when you subscribe

The Loving Awareness Meditation Course is all about Live-streamed group practice and training. All classes are broadcast on Podbean and YouTube.

This is what you get.

  • The Wednesday evening meditation class is a regular class on the current topics of the month or a short course. 7.45 pm London time, 2.45 pm Chicago.
  • The Thursday evening meditation class at 7 pm London time, 2 pm Chicago.
  • The Sunday evening meditation class will run most Sundays throughout the year with the occasional change at 7 pm London time, 2 pm Chicago time.
  • There are two Saturday morning classes each month covering Emotional Resilience at 11 am London time.
  • There are 95 training posts organised into fifteen training units (plus 86 training articles in 21 training units on The Meditation Course website)
  • You have access to 70 meditation training videos in The Loving Awareness YouTube playlist (plus over 40 in The Meditation Course playlist).
  • I inform you in advance of the links by email (if you are subscribed on the site) and by posting on the site. You can then join us and view the class on YouTube or listen on Podbean along with the other students in real-time.
  • You have access to me. You can ask me questions by email as well as the social channels and on the site (comments functionality to come).
  • You get regular and timely updates. I inform you by email about all the weekly classes, about public classes, short courses or other content. I inform you when I upload a relevant podcast.
  • I also post combinations of training videos, supporting Podcasts and links to external resources like videos, books, scientific papers and articles in support of the classes.

Section 3. The Short Courses

You get access to all of the short courses that I produce in both courses. In 2020 there were five short courses, and so far in 2021, there are two.

2020 Short Courses

  • The 7 easy steps to meditation short course
  • The walking meditation and mindful walking short course
  • The sleep short course
  • The essentials of mindfulness-based resilience short-course
  • The 4-week Pranayama course

2021 Short Courses

There are two short courses currently running in March 2021
In The Meditation Course - How to Calm the Monkey Mind - A 4 Week Course
In The Loving Awareness Meditation Course - The Gratitude Sessions

Section 4 - The Course Units and Articles

These are the training units that I have taught to date and are available with a paid subscription. Each one is a set of live classes often with additional training material to support it.

Unit A1. Introduction and information - 2 articles

Unit A2. The Two Wolves - 2 articles

Unit A3. Impermanence - 3 articles

Unit A4. Walking Meditation and Mindful Walking - 2 articles

Unit A5. Short Courses - 3 articles

Unit A6. Yoga, Meditation, Karma Yoga and The Yoga of Meditation - 4 articles

Unit A7. Connection- 1 article

Unit A8. The Mind - 6 articles

Unit A9. Meditation, Mindfulness and Daily Life - 4 articles

Unit B1. Clarity - 3 articles

Unit B2. Open Awareness - 3 articles

Unit B3. Insight - 2 articles

Unit B4. Wellbeing - 1 article

Unit B5. Loving Awareness - 50 articles

Unit B6. The Gratitude Sessions - 4 articles

Unit B7. Emotional Resilience - 6 articles

Unit B8. Meditation - 2 articles

The 2021 Syllabus

2021 Syllabus
The Syllabus is a collection of Topics related to Meditation and Mindfulness These topics are covered in each month in both courses.